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junio 02, 2009


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Adam Lang

I agree that to a large degree Spanish parties in general have a dearth of grassroots base building activities - what they do have is mostly focused on meetings, though the only party in Spain that ever doorknocked me was the PSC (PSOE) here in Catalunya.

I think the bigger problem for the PSOE and for the socialists across europe is that they don't provide a compelling message for the occasional left voters. What was the PSOE's campaign in a nutshell? "Don't vote for the other guy because they're the boogieman." But Aznar hasn't been in office for 5 years. No compelling reason to vote for the PSOE whatsoever. What were their concrete proposals for Europe? In what way are they different and more attractive than the PP? I can't think of a single one, despite being subjugated to 3 to 5 minutes of PSOE propoganda every newscast.

This is a shame as about 70% of Spanish legislation is following EU directives.

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